The two related posts linked to below are the writeup of my raw notes from Smashingconf Oxford 2016. I’ll likely add to them as I come across errors, or can update with links to speakers slides or other resources. They contain my transcription of my hand-written notes I took while listening to the speakers. Their primary aim is to capture as much as possible while it’s fresh in my mind. There’s always a chance I’ve misunderstood something, or haven’t represented something quite right because I didn’t catch everything. If so, I apologise, I can only write so fast - and that’s faster than I type! Speaking of which, forgive the typos. I typed up the notes as fast as I could, so they’re a bit rough about the edges.

A huge thank you to all of the speakers, and to Smashing for organising it, it was another phenomenally good conference.

Smashing Conf Day 1 (March 15th):

  • Building great design teams (Aarron Walter)
  • Building a pattern language for the web (Alla Kholmatoma)
  • SVG in Motion (Sara Soueiden)
  • HTTP/2 (Patrick Hamann)
  • Understanding people (Chris Shiflett)
  • Dirty front end tricks (Vitaly Friedman)
  • Look, no media queries! (Vasilis van Gemert)
  • Join the dots (Haydon Pickering)

Smashing Conf Day 2 (March 16th):

  • Design systems in difficult places (Mark Boulton)
  • Taking layout to the next level (Christopher Wright)
  • Designing the future of content (Hannah Donovon)
  • Devtools: an animated journey (Umar Hansa)
  • Overthinking design and embracing minutia (Jon Setzen)
  • Living design systems (Jina Bolton)
  • Modern workflow and tooling (Wes Bos)
  • Improving on screen legibilty (Tobias Frere-Jones)