A number of people recently have suggested I blog; others have been surprised I don’t. Up to now I’ve always been too busy, or haven’t got around to it because, well, reasons. But no more. It’s 2015, and I’ve finally run out of excuses. So here we are.

I can’t promise gems of erudition downloaded from these posts into your eyeballs. What gets posted here will be mainly in a front-end developer vein (because that’s what I love), with possibly some science-publishing-related notes thrown in (because I’m interested in that too).

Some posts may be technical, some more general; some written for others, some written mainly as an aide memoire for myself. That’s what I’m anticipating right now, anyway, but I don’t really know. Let’s see how things pan out. However they do, I hope I vindcate those whose encouragement has brought me to do this. You know who you are. I hope you still think it was a good idea in a few posts time :-)